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Drive Safe for 4/20 and Always

April 18, 2018
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Drive Safe for 4/20 and Always

Driving under the influence of cannabis is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or any other mind-altering substance. In Colorado, Native Roots has joined forces with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Colorado State Patrol, Uber and RTD for a campaign to raise awareness of impaired driving dangers and promote safe choices, especially around the unofficial cannabis holiday of 4/20.

Driving While High is A Bad Choice

Our patients and customers as well as everyone involved in the cannabis community is enjoying the growing freedoms of legal consumption as more states legalize cannabis.  But as a community we need to keep our friends, families and complete strangers safe from people making poor choices about consuming and driving. Drugged driving is a danger to everyone on the road.  

  • Consumption impacts driving skills

  • Driving while impaired is illegal regardless of state legal consumption laws

  • Driving under the influence is a DUI

The Danger is Real

So far in 2018, the Colorado State Patrol has investigated more than 100 cannabis impaired driving fatalities in Colorado in just the first four months of the year.  Even one is too many.

Help Making the Safe Choice

As part of the partnership campaign to prevent impaired driving around 4/20/2018, Native Roots encourages everyone to plan ahead and get home safe by either:

  • Having a designated driver

  • Using a rideshare service like Uber

  • Calling a cab

  • Using RTD

For more information on the partnership campaign check out the MADD blog on What you should know.

Uber Discount Code Available at Native Roots Dispensaries

To help make it easier for safe travel this 4/20, Native Roots is offering an exclusive Uber discount code available at any Native Roots Dispensary.  Please stop by one of our locations around the state and pick up the code. If you consume, please make the safe choice.

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