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Academy marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs
Academy marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs

Native Roots Dispensary Academy

Have you had the pleasure of visiting our Colorado Springs Academy marijuana dispensary? The combination of premium medical marijuana and the convenience of a, well, convenience store are proving very popular with Native Roots customers. Not only do you get the kind of wide selection and friendly service that Native Roots is known for, but you can fill up your car at the same time that you pick up the medical marijuana you need.

Located at the intersection of Galley and Academy in Colorado Springs, our Gas & Grass - Academy location is easy to find and definitely worth stopping in. Like our other medical marijuana shops, this dispensary carries an impressively large selection of weed strains and other cannabis products for medicinal use.

Colorado Springs Academy Marijuana Dispensary

Not sure if you want indica, sativa or a hybrid? Although many people who visit our Gas & Grass locations are just looking to pop in and pop out, our knowledgeable bud tenders are happy to take the time to explain our different products and options. We also offer a wide range of products including edible marijuana products, topical products, bubble, cannasap, wax and shatter.

So if you’ve been looking for a medical marijuana dispensary near the intersection of Galley and Academy, you can’t do better than this Gas & Grass location. Our commitment to quality and meeting customer needs is why we’re the #1 medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs. So come to our Gas & Grass - Academy location to stock up, fill up, and enjoy!

The World’s First Gas Station and Dispensary

Gas and Grass is the world’s first dispensary and gas station combo

Native Roots Dispensary Academy

Native Roots Dispensary Academy

Medical 18+

9am - 9pm

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