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Aspen marijuana dispensary in Colorado
Aspen marijuana dispensary

Native Roots Dispensary Aspen

Whether you’re visiting Aspen as a tourist and enjoying the ski slopes or stunning fall foliage, or you live here and just want the very best legal medicinal marijuana -- or are looking to buy for recreational use -- come by and visit our Aspen marijuana dispensary.

If you’re planning a visit to Aspen, or if you’re already a resident or tourist in the Aspen area who is wondering, “Where’s the best place to buy recreational marijuana near me?” Native Roots has the answer: Our Aspen location is downtown by Zane’s Tavern, making our medical and recreational marijuana dispensary a convenient stop for Aspen tourists and natives alike.

Aspen Marijuana Dispensary

Customers love to visit our recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in downtown Aspen for many reasons: Our staff is professional and extremely knowledgeable, but also friendly and fun to talk to. The Native Roots weed dispensaries menu is impressively large, with a vast array of strains and medicinal marijuana products, but we’ll put you at ease and explain all your options. And the quality and value of our many medical and recreational cannabis products are impossible to beat!

If you’re already knowledgeable about the different kinds of marijuana strains and are looking for some variety, you’re in for a treat at Native Roots. Our Aspen medical and recreational marijuana store offers a huge assortment of weed strains -- indica, sativa and hybrid -- as well as other products like bubble, edibles, topicals, cannasap, shatter, and wax. And we have convenient extended hours to accommodate just about any schedule.

We make it so easy and pleasant to buy recreational or medical marijuana, it’s no wonder Native Roots is #1 among Aspen’s legal medicinal or recreational marijuana dispensaries! Come visit our retail Aspen marijuana dispensary and let our friendly, expert bud tenders help you find the perfect cannabis products for you.

Aspen’s Top Marijuana Dispensary

The #1 Cannabis Dispensary in Aspen

Native Roots Dispensary Aspen

Native Roots Dispensary Aspen

Medical 21+ Recreational 21+

10am - 10pm

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