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Boulder marijuana dispensary
Boulder marijuana dispensary in Colorado

Native Roots Dispensary Boulder

Easy to get to and a pleasure to visit, Native Roots’ Boulder marijuana dispensary is located on the lower level of the Pearl Street pedestrian mall. Less than a block away from the Downtown Boulder RTD Transit Center, this local marijuana dispensary is highly accessible. Whether you’re a local or are visiting this beautiful city, Native Roots is the best recreational marijuana dispensary in Boulder. We offer recreational weed for adults 21 and older.

Our Boulder marijuana dispensary is surrounded by amazing shops as well as Boulder staple restaurants such as Boulder Baked. To make our Boulder marijuana dispensary more convenient, we have extended hours from 9 am to 10 pm every day.

Boulder Marijuana Dispensary

At this marijuana dispensary in Boulder, you will experience the friendly service that Native Roots is known for while also having multiple products to choose from. With the option to order ahead online, purchasing your Boulder marijuana has never been easier. The quality and value of our marijuana dispensaries are impossible to beat. We pride ourselves in our quality service and knowledge about our products.

These are the type of products we offer at this dispensary:

Our local marijuana dispensary in Boulder is here to answer any questions and fulfill your needs. Because of this, Native Roots is the #1 choice among Boulder’s recreational weed dispensaries. Come visit our Boulder marijuana dispensary and let our friendly, expert budtenders help you find the perfect cannabis product for you.

Stop in and you’ll see why on a google review states: “First timer, and I'd have to say the whole experience was amazing.”

Our commitment to quality and meeting customer needs is why we’re the #1 choice in Boulder for recreational pot. Come and visit us today!

Boulder’s #1 Recreational Dispensary

#1 in Boulder for Retail Marijuana

Native Roots Dispensary Boulder

Native Roots Dispensary Boulder

Recreational 21+

9am - 10pm

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