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Littleton marijuana dispensary Colorado
Littleton marijuana dispensary

Native Roots Dispensary Littleton

Do you live or work in Littleton and frequently wonder, “What’s the best source of medical and recreational marijuana that’s also closest to me?” Native Roots has the answer, with a centrally-located Littleton marijuana dispensary that offers the finest cannabis products in a pleasant atmosphere. Our highly educated, knowledgeable staff members do their best to create an easy marijuana shopping experience for every customer who walks through the doors of our Littleton dispensary.

There are plenty of dispensaries offering medical and recreational marijuana near Littleton, Colorado, but Native Roots offers a location right in the heart of Littleton that is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Lake Henry -- and a convenient place to stop no matter which direction you’re coming from.

Littleton Marijuana Dispensary

If this is your first time visiting the Littleton marijuana dispensary, or any dispensary for that matter, our enthusiastic staff of “budtenders” will help you choose the perfect strain of weed for your needs and the the one that’s most likely to produce the desired effect you are looking for. If you’re an educated consumer who knows what you want and which strains of weed are your favorites, you’ll love our selection!

Besides our wide selection of bud -- which includes many strains of indica, sativa and hybrid weed, all with their own unique characteristics -- we also carry edibles, topicals like lotion and “Lip Bong,” cannasap, shatter, wax and bubble. If it all seems a bit overwhelming, your friendly Native Roots Littleton budtender can explain how to use these products and what effect they produce.

We offer extended hours so you can drop by on your way home from work, so drop by today and find out why Native Roots is the best medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in Littleton!

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The Best Littleton Marijuana Dispensary

Native Roots Dispensary Littleton

Native Roots Dispensary Littleton

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