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Native Roots Dispensary Denver

If you live or work in downtown Denver, or are planning to visit the city as a tourist, finding the best recreational or medical marijuana dispensary in downtown Denver just got a whole lot easier: All you need to do is visit the Native Roots dispensary located on the 16th Street walking mall!

People who visit our Native Roots downtown Denver medical marijuana dispensary are always impressed at how upscale, modern and beautiful our store is. But even more, they love our vast selection of different types of weed! We carry many different marijuana strains, so whether you want indica, sativa or a hybrid, we have plenty to choose from. We also offer recreational and medicinal marijuana products such as edibles, cannasap, bubble, shatter, and wax. And for those who want to experience the benefits of medical marijuana without smoking or ingesting it, we have luxurious cannabis topical products such as Hash Bath, Massage Oil, Lip Bong, Lotion, Salve and more.

Those who are experienced cannabis consumers will find plenty of medical and recreational marijuana to choose from at our downtown Denver dispensary, while those who are new to using marijuana in any form will benefit from the help of our friendly, knowledgeable bud tenders. Tell us what you need or want to get out of your recreational or medical marijuana experience, and we can recommend the best products for your usage.

With extended evening hours to fit your schedule and a pleasant atmosphere, Native Roots in downtown Denver is the dispensary that makes shopping for medical or recreational marijuana an absolute pleasure. Come see us and let our friendly staff members help you find the perfect weed products for you!

Best Dispensary in Downtown Denver

The #1 Pot Shop on 16th Street Mall


Native Roots Dispensary Denver

Medical 18+ Recreational 21+

9am – 10pm

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