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Marijuana Dispensary in Dillon

Native Roots Dispensary Dillon

Dillon, CO is a magnet for people who want to hit the slopes, spend time in some of the little mountain towns in Summit County, or just enjoy some stunningly gorgeous natural scenery. Now you can also enhance the experience when you stop at Native Roots’ Ski Shack dispensary, located on Little Beaver Trail! That’s where you can get the best recreational marijuana in the Dillon / Silverthorne area, served up by friendly and knowledgeable bud tenders who know how to match up the customer with the type of experience they want from their weed.

Our Dillon recreational marijuana dispensary is located across the street from the Smashburger. As with all our Native Roots locations, our Dillon dispensary combines the best selection of recreational marijuana products with the most convenient experience. So if you know what strain of bud you want, our highly educated staff members can help you quickly find what you’re looking for! But if you don’t know what the difference is between indica and sativa and why it matters, we can help guide you through your options to get the right bud for your personal preferences.

If you’d rather try recreational marijuana in a different form that’s easier for you to take, try some of the other cannabis products our Dillon store offers. Products we commonly offer include edibles, bubble, cannasap, shatter and wax. And then there are the topicals: cannabis-infused Massage Oil, Hash Bath, Lotion, Lip Bong, Salve and others. We make it easy to enjoy recreational marijuana in Dillon / Silverthorne! Whatever you choose, you can count on the quality of our products.

Our Native Roots store in Dillon has a pleasant, laid-back atmosphere and an easy shopping experience, as well as convenient extended hours. So if you’re looking for the best dispensary in the Dillon area, it’s hard to beat Native Roots! Come see us and let our weed experts assist you in finding the finest recreational marijuana products for your needs.

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Marijuana Dispensary - Dillon

Native Roots Dispensary Dillon

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