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Tejon marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Tejon marijuana dispensary

Native Roots Dispensary Tejon

Our Colorado Springs Tejon marijuana dispensary is located in southern Colorado Springs. We’re near Dorchester Park and Fountain Creek, on the northwest corner of Brookside and Tejon Street. Not only are there plenty of retail stores, restaurants, and things to do in the area, you can also get your gas at this “Gas & Grass” location.

You shouldn’t have to spend your entire day taking care of tasks at hand. That’s why we aim to make your day smoother by not only offering both gas and weed in one place but also making your day more pleasant with:

  • Wait times as short as possible
  • An experienced and welcoming staff
  • A clean, laid back, and warm atmosphere
  • A wide variety of medical marijuana products
  • Loyalty prices on both gas and medical marijuana for our members

Colorado Springs Tejon Marijuana Dispensary

At this medical marijuana dispensary, you will experience the friendly service that Native Roots is known for while also having multiple products to choose from. With the option to order ahead online, purchasing your medical marijuana in Colorado Springs has never been easier.

Like all of our other Native Roots dispensary locations, the Tejon store offers a wide array of different cannabis strains and products, but don’t forget that this store is medical pot only.

This Colorado Springs Tejon marijuana dispensary features the following:

Come for the accessibility of filling your tank, grabbing some convenience store items, and getting your medical marijuana. Return to this location for our welcoming employees, superb customer service, atmosphere, and loyalty program. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what other people are saying about our medical marijuana dispensary on Tejon.

Stop in today to find out why we’re the #1 weed dispensary in southern Colorado Springs!

Native Roots Dispensary Tejon

Native Roots Dispensary Tejon

Medical 18+

9am - 9pm

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