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Tejon marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Tejon marijuana dispensary

Native Roots Dispensary Tejon

If you need to gas up the car but you also plan to pick up some medical marijuana and you’re in or near Colorado Springs, why not kill two birds with one stone? You can take care of both errands at once at the Native Roots Tejon marijuana dispensary! We offer a quick in and out experience but also have plenty of marijuana products for you to choose from -- so you get both convenience and selection. (And a tank of gas.)

You’ll find different strains of weed in our Tejon Gas & Grass marijuana dispensary location. Whether you prefer sativa, indica or a hybrid strain, we have plenty of varieties of bud to choose from. Not sure what “sativa” or “indica” even mean? Our expert bud tenders know their stuff, but are also friendly and approachable and take the time to explain the effects our different medical marijuana and recreational products have. Besides flower, we also carry different types of marijuana products like edibles, bubble, cannasap, wax and shatter -- as well as fun topicals like Hash Bath and Massage Oil.

Colorado Springs Tejon Marijuana Dispensary

Whether you’re an experienced user of cannabis products or just curious enough to give them a try, our Tejon marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs has the weed you need. We offer extended evening hours as well as a convenient location – our Tejon marijuana dispensary is just a quick exit off of I-25 and a mere stone’s throw from Highway 87 – so come see us soon, fill up your tank and let us find the perfect marijuana products for your needs and usage!

Native Roots Dispensary Tejon

Native Roots Dispensary Tejon

Medical 18+

9am - 9pm

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